Furnace Repair

Ask some of your neighbors who they use. Ask them to give you a clear and honest estimation of the technician’s service and pricing. If someone has had an unhappy service call, they won’t hesitate to give a bad review. If they feel compelled to give a great review, you can probably bet that the company did a super job.

Check online. Even though you may have received great references, do a little online sleuthing. The web is an inexhaustible resource for checking on anyone or anything in a nanosecond. You’ll discover many websites have reviews of their work.

Skip the cost factor. Everyone would like to save money, but choosing a furnace repair service by what they say they charge, isn’t always the best way. Remember the old cliché? You get what you pay for? You don’t necessarily need to hire the most expensive one. Just be careful and make sure to check why their prices are so low. You don’t want to pay for inexperience and poor quality in labor or materials.

Length of experience. A red flag should soar high above your head and wave rapidly if the business in question has only been in operation for a brief time. Everyone has to start somewhere, but you don’t want to pay a high price for someone’s inexperience.

Ask about training. A reputable company will not mind you asking about how their technicians are trained and if they are accredited.

Do they guarantee their work? You must be sure, if they do, to get in writing what is guaranteed or under warranty and how long does it last. If they don’t guarantee their work, move on.

Are they bonded and insured. These will protect both you and the company in case anything goes wrong. Accidents happen all the time. If a company doesn’t have either of these, and there’s an accident or the need for a lawsuit, either one of you could be in hot water.

Got references? If they’ve been in business for any length of time, they should be able to gladly give you a list of happy customers. This is vitally important.

Phone a local realtor. Not only do they sell houses, but also they have most likely gathered a ton of contact information on local, reputable businesses to help new homeowners.