Choosing A Wool Area Rug

This is a very popular choice when pets and children are taken into consideration. These rugs are relatively easy to clean since they don’t stain that easily. As long as one takes their time in choosing the right rug, it will stay in shape for many years due to its durability. It can be a part of the family home for quite some time. When compared to rugs made from synthetic materials, woolen ones are much better since they have a very nice and comfortable feel and a genteel look. Several factors need to be considered before settling for a rug though.

To begin with, the intensity and duration of sunshine to the area in the room should be considered since the sun usually has an adverse effect on these rugs. Go for the rug type that will not fade that easily when exposed to direct sunlight. This can be overcome by asking for a rug that will keep its color for the longest time. Don’t forget to check the price tag though.

The percentage of wool in the fabric can also be of importance for some people. This is a necessary consideration since it determines the rug’s durability and comfort. The more wool it has, the higher its durability and softness, and the longer it’ll last with proper care. The amount of wool in the rug will also determine the cost in addition to quality. Those that are purely made of wool are the most expensive but they will last the longest and give that great appeal and comfort in comparison to other designs in the market.

However, to make it easier for people to buy high quality rugs, they now come with a rating system that indicates the durability and life of the rug. If the rug is for an area with lots of foot traffic, a heavy-duty rug with high durability is better. Environmental considerations matter a lot when buying household products as well. Some people do overlook this but it matters a lot. Woolen products fit into the category of fully recyclable materials and are environmentally friendly. No oil-based inputs are used in the manufacture of wool, unlike acrylic and polyester rugs.

Fire safety is improved when one uses a woolen rug since they are fire resistant. Most artificial rugs on the other hand, are not. If you have a fireplace in your living room and need a rug to place in front of it, you must consider if it’ll be safe. If you do decide to go for a rug, make sure that it is as fire resistant as can be. Hot embers tend to fly out of the fireplace and fall on the floor nearby. As long as you keep a woolen rug there, it won’t catch fire, but make sure you remove the embers before they mess up your rug. The color of the rug also matters so that it can match the room, curtains, and seats.