A Guide on How to Store Wine in a Small Apartment

When you are a wine bottle collector that lives in a small apartment, the world of wine storage seems limited. However, this is further from the truth as there are so many versions, shapes, and designs available of wine fridges on the market that there is a surefire fact that you will find one that would suit your individual needs. For example, the version of the wine cooler cda with its built-in temperature alarm system, memory function, and dehumidifier. This wonderous wine fridge or cooler would be the perfect answer for storing your bottles in the correct and ideal method, as it offers the pivotal environment based on temperature and humidity that always needs to stay at the optimal 70% level. In addition, when you would like to start your investigation into the best ways to store wine in a tiny apartment, there are various options available online; however you can reach out your research by going to a wine fridge store, whereby you would find the perfect wine fridge for your needs, however, it is highly suggestible that you do your measurements first, to see if the one you would like to acquire would fit into the smaller space in the home you have available.

A wine cabinet

Upon the realization of preserving your wine in the proper wine storage solution unit, start looking out for wine fridges that suit your individual needs. However, as you live in a small apartment, you might feel shocked about finding one that would fit into such a small space. Therefore, one you can have a definite lookout for is that of a wine cabinet, also known as an under-the-counter version. You can integrate this type of wine cooler into existing kitchen cabinets; however, these types are broader than just such a room; however, many suggest that this room is the best place to space such a unit.

A slim and tall wine fridge

The freestanding wine cooler or fridge is another excellent example of how a wine fridge can fit into a small space, such as a tiny apartment; therefore, inspecting some tall and slim wine cooler units might be a good idea. For some, this would be of great advantage as sometimes there is a space open; however, due to the length of the area available, you can place a taller and slimmer freestanding unit. This unit would still encompass everything needed to store and cool your wine bottle collection. However, it is advised that you do not place this freestanding wine cooler in a space where it would be exposed to prolonged periods of the sun’s harmful UV rays, although many high-tech wine cooler units do come equipped with the proper UV protection glass doors.

An under-the-stairs version

It might be a good idea when you have a staircase in your home to place a free-standing or built-in version of a wine cooler underneath it. Imagine constructing the perfect one underneath, where you can admire it throughout the house. In addition, it might also be a good idea to place smoked tempered glass doors to the unit with some LED lighting inside to increase the aesthetically pleasing concept of the version and to ensure that you and your family and friends can admire the beauty of such a space with the added advantages of temperature and humidity control at a touch of a button.