Ways to Repurpose Old Home Furniture

Closet Doors into Shelves

Here’s another easy project that’s tons of fun to do. All it takes are some window shutters or old closet doors with slats. Simply angle the doors and open or break some of the slats, then stick a plank of wood through them and you have instant shelving. This project makes a great bookshelf that looks great in any living room or bedroom when completed. You may even decide to put it in the bathroom next to your ladder towel rack so that it can double as a shampoo shelf! The best part about this project is its simplicity, and the fact that your shelving options are only limited by the number of slats on the doors you use. Just be sure the shelves are evenly spaced and that you don’t overload them. We don’t want your cool new project getting top-heavy and falling over.

Stepladders into Shelves

Got an old stepladder? Well, you’re in luck. Stepladders are one of the greatest repurposed house items around. All it takes is a little sanding, screw tightening, and some painting and these babies can make remarkable shelves and tables. They can be hung on walls to hold trinkets, or left open on the floor to hold even more things. If you like, many of them can become nifty end tables if they’re topped with a piece of wood or glass.

Lid Rack Organizer

This project requires almost no work at all. Sometimes if you want the coolest in office accessories use, the best way to get them is to make them yourself! All this project takes is a lid rack or dish rack and you’ve got an instant organizer for your mail and files. The lid racks can be painted however you like, and they look super cute just about anywhere, from office desks with modern style, to chic entry ways! They’re also great recipe holders in the kitchen. To get the most out of your new mail sorter and make things easier to see, be sure to place smaller objects like letters in the front, and bigger things like magazines in the back.