Remove Rust From Steel Windows And Doors

While most steel is prone to rusting because of the corrosive nature of the iron it contains, the steel doors and windows made today are often coated with a rust inhibitor in order to prevent this problem; however, many of the older frames may not have had this treatment or the rust preventative that was used on them has begun to chip or wear off due to age and exposure.

With a few simple tools, it is possible to get those steel doors and windows looking as good as new. To start with, assemble the necessary equipment you will need to get the job done. You will need a paint scraper, chisel, hammer, safety goggles, gloves, paint or wire brushes, paint thinner or stripper and a zinc based primer as well as well as a rust remover or protectant and paint. You will also need an epoxy filler to fill any gaps or damaged areas.

The first step in refurbishing your steel windows and doors is to get them cleaned properly. Start by scraping off the old paint. You should start with the chisel and remove as much of the rust as possible. After you have removed as much rust as you can get with the chisel, use a wire brush to get the small pieces that remain. You can use a paint brush to remove all of the debris and leave the surface smooth and clean. Once you have the surface prepared, use the epoxy to fill in any holes or gaps; let it dry thoroughly.

The frame is now ready to be painted with a rust remover; this is an important step in ensuring that you end up with a quality finish. When you are ready to repaint your steel frame, be sure to start with a coat of a zinc based primer, this will help to inhibit future rusting. Once the primer has dried, paint the frame with two coats of paint; be sure to allow each coat to dry thoroughly.

There is no doubt that resurfacing your steel door and window frames can be a nuisance; however, the strength and durability of steel frames make them worth the trouble. Resurfacing is seldom, if ever, necessary which makes it extremely convenient for most homeowners to use steel window and door frames.