Reduce Energy Bills

A good way to start is to change all the conventional light bulbs into their energy saving alternatives known as compact fluorescent lights. These lights use less than half the energy as compared to normal light bulbs for the same amount of visible light produced. Even though purchasing them can seem more expensive initially, in the long run the amount that is saved through reduced electrical expenses will prove to be worth it.

The air conditioning unit in the home is also a major source of power drain. It is recommended that the fan should be used as the main cooling appliance in the home. Though they are not as effective as air conditioning, electric fans consume considerably less electricity. If one is used to sleeping with the air conditioning turned on at night, perhaps one could set it on a timer to automatically turn off after a few hours. The cool air within the room is usually enough to last for the remainder of the night.

The washing machine and dryer have undoubtedly been a great aid to convenience in modern times. However, they are well known to use large amounts of energy. If time is available, one should consider hand washing the laundry before leaving it out to dry normally. Though admittedly tedious, this would go a long way in the conservation of power.

Computers have become an integral part of the modern home. It is often common for computers to be left permanently on within the house, causing a waste of electricity. If possible, the computer should be turned on only when in use and then promptly turned off. If extensive use of the computer is required, it should at least be set to enter hibernate or sleep mode automatically after 15 minutes to half an hour.

When in the kitchen, it is also best to cook strategically. The oven is a popular choice for baking and heating up food. However, it consumes a huge amount of power. Appliances such as the toaster and microwave oven can often achieve comparable results at a fraction of the energy usage.

There are many other ways to save power. Even things as simple as turning off the lights or unplugging chargers when they are not in use will go a long way to saving money. The important thing is to be conscious of the use of electronic appliances and take active steps to reduce their use needlessly.