Office Movers:

Be Selective

Does everything in the building need to make the trip? This is something you should consider before the office movers get there. Take an inventory of what you have and what you could probably do without in your new space. This is the time to get rid of that old copier that has been broken for the last two years, in other words. It may also be a good time to upgrade some of your equipment. If you have old computers that you’re ready to replace, for instance, it makes sense to do it now instead of waiting for some unspecified period a couple of months from now.


If your office movers aren’t going to do it for you, you’ll need to pack up anything that isn’t large enough to go without a box. In typical house relocation articles, the author will recommend packing over a long period of time, rather than waiting for the last minute. If you can do that in this scenario, so much the better, but it will probably not be necessary nor practical. After all, there’s a good chance that most of what needs to go also needs to be used on a regular basis. You may want to schedule some overtime for your employees to stay and help with this process the night before the move.

Organize Your Staff

You should have a plan of action ready to go before the office movers even arrive. As states, your major concern should be minimizing downtime. It’s easy to do this on the near side of the move, and much more difficult on the far side. You can expect to miss at least a few hours of productivity, but that doesn’t mean you should miss entire days. Have everything ready to go at the new building, including electricity, internet, and anything else you need to get to work. Impress upon your staff the importance of getting back to work as soon as possible. If it takes some time to settle in, it’s better to work in a half-finished environment for a while than to miss valuable time.