Made to Measure Blinds

Blinds are characterised as a piece of material that hangs at a window with the purpose of blocking out unwanted light. Made to measure blinds are often used at night to stop the contents of your house being highlighted through a window. There are a variety of materials that make for great blinds including metal, fabric and wood and the design and style will depend on the look that you want to create in your home.

As for the benefits of made to measure blinds, there are several. The main advantage, though, is that you can ensure that the blinds will sit snuggly at your windows whatever the shape or size.

Vertical blinds are a more traditional form of window dressing. Vertical made to measure blinds are really easy to use – you simply pull on a cord which is found along the side corner. These are great for controlling light, too, as you can tilt the slats to decrease or increase the amount of light that you would like filtered into your home.

This is the ultimate in luxury. These blinds are typically characterised by a thick cascading fabric that can be secured at the top of your window in an ornate bundle of fabric or even released loosely to fill your window frame. Roman blinds are decadent and tend to leave any room they’re placed in, feeling lavish. Furthermore, these blinds allow you to control the level of light that enters a room, via a control cord that hangs at the side of the window frame.

Another great benefit is their ability to block out unwanted sunlight when closed. A relatively thick material is used in the production of Roman blinds so they are similar to blackout blinds. This makes the product a popular choice for bedrooms for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Blinds are usually made from the highest quality of materials and that means they will remain looking great for years. Every now and then, though, they may need cleaning. Blinds typically come with product specific cleaning instructions.

Once you have chosen a design and style of your blinds, you’ll need to know a bit about the measuring and fitting process. You can find advice and guidance for this when you order your made to measure blinds.