Flange Protectors


Flanges are to be protected properly to ensure that the home or office components would be more durable with a higher cost savings for the consumers. The advancing technology today allows the development and manufacturing of newer and better anti-corrosive features on flanges.

One of the better flange protector options is made of pure vinyl which enables clearer surface inspection of any tool without having to remove the protective piece. Flanges are notably a very common area that is besieged with usability problems over time such as corrosion and damages. Hence, it is common to seal flanges correctly and properly in order to prevent leakages.

Quality flange protectors are now rampantly manufactured to resolve flange sealing issues such as corrosion and damages to the pipes. The right flange protector design can protect gaskets and studs that are used on ring-type joint and raised surface flanges that are used in chemical and gas plants, refineries, offshore and onshore oil platforms and fields, paper mills and ships.

Piping systems that make use of flanges can consider stainless steel flange protectors or plastic models that come in various sizes to avoid corrosion.


As better quality flange come on the scene in today’s market, consumers are enjoying more savings with a lower reduction in corrosion on applied at the home, office or factories. Quality flange protectors act as a grease inhibitor when the flanges are properly insulated.

With a good protection offered by the right protector, consumers save a lot from constant repairs and replacements of flanges in the various application. The components function well and long extending their life of service without causing trouble and inconvenience to the users in the desired environment.

With good flange protectors, foreign matter that can be damaging is greatly reduced; if not totally eliminated on the flange and in pipes or tubes.


Quality flange protectors are advanced technology based designs that are manufactured according to the increasing needs and demands of the industry or home. Quality protectors for flanges meet the ANSI B16.5 specifications that fit a lot of domestic and commercial applications which cater up to 24 inch applications.