Construction Companies


All buildings need a strong foundation, especially those tall skyscrapers that we admire in the cities. Ironworkers use steel and concrete to create incredibly durable foundations for these large buildings. You also see ironworkers constructing bridges. Often their job takes them high off the ground as they prepare foundations for city bridges and buildings.

Planning the Project

A draftsman is an individual who helps to plan construction projects by drawing the blueprints that will be followed by all the other contractors. The accuracy of these blueprints is incredibly precise and a draftsman often works with the general contractor to double check that measurements are correct.

Carpentry Work

Carpenters work with wood and complete a wide variety of necessary projects. You’ll find some creating molds which will be used for pouring concrete as well as framing the walls and roof of the building. Along with framing comes the installation of doors and windows. Some carpenters do specialty work such as installing trim and molding, while others install cabinetry in the kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas of a home.

Roof and Siding

Before the inside of the building can be completed, it has to be “dried in” with the roof and siding. Roofers work with shingles made from a wide variety of materials. Many large warehouse type buildings use metal roofing materials, while homes and smaller office buildings choose other materials that are durable but better able to conceal noise. Siding also comes in a variety of materials – vinyl, metal, and others.

Electrical and Plumbing Work

Every structure needs electricity. Before the walls go up, construction companies hire an electrician to install wires that run from the building’s main source of energy to various outlets and appliances throughout the structure. A plumber will also come at this time to install the necessary pipes for showers, bathrooms, kitchen sinks, and water fountains. The appliances will be added later.

Drywall Experts

Once the frame of the home or business building is complete, it’s time to watch the inside come to life! Homes and office buildings typically consist of many different rooms, hallways, and closets. These rooms are separated from each other by several walls created by drywall board.

Finishing Touches

Several professionals complete the finishing touches on a home or business building. At this time, plumbing and electrical work is finished. Also, flooring must be installed. Office buildings typically have the same type of flooring throughout the entire structure, but homes can be more complicated. The kitchen and bathroom flooring may be linoleum or tile, while the other rooms are a combination of carpet and hardwood. There are many different options! Another finishing touch is the painting. The colors add personality and ambiance to both office buildings and homes.