Build Fence Styles

Basket Weave Fence

This type of fence is often used on a sloped ground. This fence style lets you lower or raise each post. Make sure you use high quality fencing supplies for the board to construct this kind of fence. Boards with lots of knots can easily break if placed under too much stress due to basket weaving.

Picket Fence

This type of fence is popular to home owners and is easy to construct. With a handful of skills and some creativeness, you can make stunning picket fence designs. Just see to it that all pickets are properly spaced. To do so, insert a loose picket right between the picket which is to be nailed and one which was previously nailed in position. Use this procedure throughout the whole fence building.

Simple Board Fence

This type of fence is attractive and quite easy to construct. You can alternate boards from side to side or place them on just one side. This provides both privacy and barrier. It can be erected as tall as necessary, and then painted, stained, or left natural.

If you want to design a siding fence, you can cover it on both or one side. You can paint or stain it to match your house.

These are just a some of the many fencing styles available. Timber fences are generally easy to construct, and the fencing supplies can be accessed easily as well. Regardless of the kind of fence you are planning to put up, see to it that you know exactly where your property demarcation line lies.

If you are sure about the where this line is located, check it out or make an agreement with your neighbour about the location of the fence.

It is also important to check your local rules and policies with regards to fence building prior to starting the construction. Contact the building office of your local government to make sure you follow city codes and regulations.

In addition, make sure all fencing supplies you will use are of good quality to avoid collapse and early damage or rot. Do your homework and check on the best-quality fencing supplies you can afford.