Build A Stairway

To build the staircase you will need:

  • Long tape measure and pencil.
  • Two inches by twelve inches planks. (Quantity required depends on the size of it).
  • Saw.
  • Sand paper.
  • Nuts and bolts.
  • Four inch screws.
  • A ready-made banister. (The choice is yours).

Method of building the Staircase:

  1. Identify the best position for the steps to go into. This may be on your landing or in a bedroom. The space should ideally be forty-two inches wide, because when you can access your attic, you might want to actually carry things up into it, and the steps being too narrow is one of the main reasons for the under use of attic space.
  2. Measure from the floor to just past the ceiling. This measurement should be taken as a gradient, because it will be used to determine the rise and therefore just how steep the staircase will be.
  3. Use the pencil and tape measure to mark out even two inches wide spaces on two of the two inches by twelve inches planks. These will be the groves that hold the treads. For the safety of the end constriction, there must be at least four inches from the bottom of the groove to the opposite end of the plank. The going of the treads should have a depth of no less than 10 cm.
  4. If your steps are more than ten meters long, it may be worth adding a small landing half way up.
  5. Use the saw to cut out the grooves. Sand down the edges to create a neater finish.
  6. Cut the remaining planks in to the required number of treads. Sand down the sawn edges.
  7. Attach the long grooved planks to the floor in the attic and the floor in the room at the bottom using the nuts and bolts.
  8. Slide the treads in to grooves and screw them in using the four inches long nails.
  9. If you have opted to have a banister, fit it according to the manufacturers’ instructions. Once this has been fitted you can varnish or paint it.
  10. Once the paint is dry, enjoy the extra space you now have easy access to.