Different Types of Water Heaters

There are three different types of water heaters. The first is called a storage tank and is the kind used most often. If you look around in your neighborhood, you might find several of these in the backyards. They come equipped with an insulated tank – true to their name – that will heat the water while it’s inside. After the liquid has been heated, it will be stored until it is used. While it is being stored, it will stay warm so that the energy used to heat it up will not be wasted and it will be hot whenever it is required. They come in three fuel types – electric, gas, and liquid propane. If you are looking to save some money, the gas and liquid propane tanks will all consume less energy and will cost you less in the long run. When you are buying a storage tank type, you should consider the tank size. Ask around at your local hardware store or where you intend to make your final purchase to find out what size will be best for you. Also consider the recovery rate – the rate at which the tank fills with hot water. If you plan to use a lot of hot water in a short amount of time, be sure that the tank features a quick recovery time. Otherwise, you could be waiting a very long time for a hot shower.

The second type of water heaters that are sold are the tankless models. These models don’t store water and instead heat the liquid as needed, which is why it is often called an on-demand model. It can provide about 3.5 gallons of hot water at a time so, if you need more than two points heated at one time, you probably want to steer clear of this model. However, they are more energy-efficient than the storage tank models so that is something you will want to take into consideration.

Finally, the third type of water heater is the hot-water dispenser. These are great to use if you need hot liquid instantly in one point. They generally look like a kitchen faucet and can provide you with a temperature of 190 degrees Fahrenheit instantly, so be careful when using them. These are not meant to provide a lot of heat at one time.