Make Your Own Drink Coasters

Browse Online for Glass Coaster Design Templates

The worldwide web is not only a treasure-trove of design ideas for DIY drink coasters, it is also a veritable host for downloadable, printable, and easy-to-use glass coaster design templates. And if DIY paper coasters are what you need, then opt for printing papers that are not highly absorbent, which do not wrinkle so easily when wet, and which can handle the amount of moisture that is expected to flow from the glass or beverage that you intend to serve. When serving cold drinks, for instance, durable paper drink mats are an ideal choice, such as made of paper board, cardboard, or cardstock, while hot beverages, like coffee or chocolate, served on paper cups can perfectly go by with coasters made of thin, coated paper, like C1S.

Make Ceramic or Glass Coasters from Tiles

Have extra 3″ x 3″ square tiles from your recent home renovation? Then why not save them for a classy table setting by turning them into ceramic or glass coasters. Use acrylic or glass paint to color the glossy surface of the ceramic or glass tile and decoupage to stick paper or fabric cut-outs, beads, crystals, and other types of embellishments. Don’t forget to cover the back of the tile with felt paper to prevent its rough surface from scratching the tabletop or kitchen counter.

Make Drink Coasters from Cork Boards

Still looking for the perfect drink coasters for mugs and wine glasses? You can actually make them by cutting cork board into 3-inch square tiles, circles, or other shapes of your choice. Cork coasters are thick enough to protect fragile tabletops from the heat of the mug, plus they are so handy – you can easily bring them together with the mug from the kitchen to the patio or from the office kitchen to your desk. Cork coasters are also a classic favorite for casual wine drinking and painting your design on them can be done using acrylic or craft paint.

Make Colorful Fabric Drink Mats

Expand your fabric crafts to include colorful fabric drink mats. Start by gathering extra pieces of fabrics for stuffing, cutting them into approximately 3-inch squares, and sewing them into layers. Wrap the top or visible layer, including the edges, with the fabric color, type, and/or design of your choice. Fabric already comes in an immense variety so you are sure to make a great variety of colorful fabric drink mats.

Redecorate or Recycle Blank Coasters

When in doubt about where and how to make a good start in creating your own drink coasters, look for old glass coasters from your glassware collection or shop blank coasters for crafts, which you can easily decorate. Blank coasters come in various types, like paper, clear glass, colored glass, marble, sandstone, and more, so you can verily choose whether to make disposable, sparkling, or nature-themed DIY coasters for your home, for gifts, or for your special occasions.