Remove Asbestos Tile

If there is a need to remove asbestos tiles from a home, there are things that are needed to keep it from doing any damage. First and foremost, the people working on the project’s health needs to be a huge consideration. So a full protective suit with a hood should be worn to keep any fibers from getting on the body or in the lungs.

Gloves, glasses, and a special asbestos respirator are also essential to maintain the health and safety of those removing the tiles. A bag that is made to hold in the asbestos fibers when they are discarded is also recommended. This keeps the fibers from contaminating anything that may be used and it also keeps them from getting in the air.

Take everything out of the room where the tiles are located and cover the floor with fabric cloths to catch the fibers. Make sure that neither the heater nor the air conditioning is turned on as the blowers can spread the fibers around. Take water and soak down the tiles so that the fibers are very wet because the dry tiles may disintegrate.

Carefully pry the tiles from the ceiling, being careful not to break the tile or those that are surrounding it to avoid lose fibers. Each tile should be removed singly and then placed in the asbestos bag for disposal later. After all tiles have been removed, remove the protective suit and hood and place these in the asbestos bag. Finally, pick up the drop cloth and slowly fold it up keeping any fibers inside and dispose of it in the bag with the gloves.

Asbestos is a dangerous product to work with but as long as the proper protection is taken removing these tiles is easy. Everything that is done should be completed carefully with ever attention aimed at keeping the asbestos fibers from spreading. Do not try to save money by not purchasing an asbestos bag or the proper equipment. It is imperative that you use the proper safety precautions to avoid becoming ill or spreading dangerous toxins into the environment.