Maintain Pressure Washer Pump

Cleaning the pump

Small impurities from the water might enter the pump and cause damage to the pumping mechanism. There are screens intended to block impurities from entering the pump, but even then, tiny contaminants find their way inside. In order to clean, first turn on the inlet water supply and remove the spray wand from the spray gun. After starting the engine, squeeze and hold the trigger until there is a steady stream of water. Maintain this stream for a few minutes so that all the dirt escapes, then connect the safety latch and attach the spray wand to the gun.

Removing the oil

Most pumps require regular oil changes. To do this, first drain off the oil from the engine. Using an Allen wrench, remove the oil cap of the pump and tilt to drain completely.

Replacing the oil

It is very important that you use the oil recommended by the manufacturer. Do not use any detergents or oil additives, as this could harm the pump’s working mechanism. Some models do not have any dipsticks to measure the oil level. In such cases, you can buy pre-measured bottles of oil. After adding the oil, wipe any spilled or excess oil before replacing the oil cap tightly. Remember that used oil and cleaning rags must be disposed of properly or given for recycling.

Regular maintenance

In addition to the above, take care to check and clean the pressure washer before and after use.

Before each use:

  • Verify oil level.
  • Check the water screen.
  • Inspect the pressure hose and spray wand.
  • Clean the garden hose.

After each use:

  • Flush out any detergents used.
  • Empty water from the pump and pressure hose.