Glass Reinforced Plastic

GRP is a polymer substance that uses glass fibre (also known by its trade name fibreglass) to been reinforce it. GRP is used in a a wide variety of applications including the construction of boats, roofing materials and display sculptures. Where GRP has been found to be exceptionally valuable is in commercial and environmental applications, including the construction of large water storage tanks. The light weight material allows for a rapid, modular manufacture process that results in a product which is both light-weight and easy to transport.

GRP tanks offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional steel tank structures and, as a result, are steadily becoming the choice of preference in low-cost housing developments, agricultural applications, as well as commercial and domestic projects.

Glass reinforced plastic is manufactured using moulds. The first step in creating a GRP tank involves laying down a slip coat which ensures that the polymer used to create High-end GRP products employ vacuum moulds which extract any air which might have been trapped during the laying of the various materials.

Glass reinforced plastic is lighter than steel and is resistant to a wide variety of weather conditions.

GRP can be manufactured in a wide variety of different colours and textures. Compared to steel products GRP allows for the production a higher quality end product.

The GRP panels are manufactured with a gel-coat which gives the product a glossy appearance, as a result of this the product is aesthetically pleasing which negates the need to paint them under most circumstances. The gel-coat also provides protection in harsh environments. They can come in a variety of textures and finishes because, of this they can be manufactured to have many different surface appearances and moulded into many different kinds of designs.

Recently, GRP has been used used in a plethora of construction projects, as the material enables durable structures to be produced using modular principles in short periods of time.