Gazebo Plans For Sale

Planning should be you major step. In order to achieve professional results, you must plan beforehand as to what kind of gazebo you want. You will find many gazebo plans for sale so you can choose from there as well.

Determine the size of the gazebo that will depend on the purpose you are building it for. If you wish to hold small dinner parties or friends get together then a 12 to 14 feet gazebo will do. Otherwise a smaller size will work for you as well.

Look for a leveled place in your garden. Check it for dirt and debris and make sure it is clean and leveled. Foundation is very important for every building. So for a durable foundation make sure it is leveled and then lay the concrete footing.

Use concrete blocks for footing so that it’s sturdier and long-lasting. However, if it is going to be a temporary gazebo then normal supporting will also do for the surface of the gazebo. But we recommend using concrete footing because of its durability.

Most gazebos are octagon is shape but it is up to you what shape do you want. It can be square too when you wish to enjoy sunny days in the garden. For octagon gazebo, place corner footings over the concrete. The vertical posts should be fitted in all the eight corners of the gazebo and one at the center. Make sure that they are firm and properly aligned.

Then install the deck support and joists to these vertical posts. Also connect them with the center post. Next comes the decking board to be attached with the footings. It has to be straight and placed properly otherwise the inaccuracies will be quite visible in the final structure.

Then frieze panels and top joists are connected with the vertical posts. Raise all the rafters from each post and take them carefully to the king post at the top center. This is a time taking step so you need to be careful and be patient during this process.

Now is the time to connect roofing panels with the rafter. And you can finish the roof by either using wooden boards, or wooden panel sheets. You can even go for shingles or tiles. Whichever suits you!