Downsize to a Smaller Home

Lower Utility Bills and Fewer Maintenance Costs

If you’re currently in a larger house, chances are you’re paying a lot in utility bills. Heat, air conditioning and electricity all add up to be a significant expense for most homeowners. However, did you realize that in a larger house you’re probably paying to heat or air condition rooms that you don’t even use? Not to mention the costs of accidentally left-on lights, TV’s, appliances and other electronic devices. All of these seemingly small things add up to a substantial cost, which can be avoided in a smaller house. Similarly, smaller houses usually cost less to maintain. If you need your house re-roofed or re-painted, the smaller square footage means it will cost a fraction of the amount of a larger home in these improvements.

The Joys of Simple Living

Studies have shown that less stuff equals less stress. In a culture that privileges the acquiring of objects, sometimes we don’t realize that all of these things create clutter, and all of that clutter causes gray hairs. Downsizing to a smaller home forces you to take stock of what you actually need, and what is just taking up needless space. But what about those extra special things you can’t find room for in your new home but won’t sell or throw away? Luckily there are a multitude of┬ástorage options┬áthat are safe and economical. Heirlooms and valuables can be kept away from the wear-and-tear they might otherwise face sitting around the home.

Less to Clean

Tired of the all-weekend, all family event that to this point has been called “Spring Cleaning?” Smaller surface area means cleaning can get done in a snap. Without the seemingly infinite nooks and crannies of a larger home, a small house can be cleaned quickly and frequently.

You Won’t Have to Spend Extra Money on New Furniture

If you choose to go bigger, chances are you’ll have to buy even more furniture and decor to fill up your extra space. This will cost money and time that you may not have. Moving to a smaller home, you’re guaranteed to get by on what you already have with furniture to spare. Overflow can easily be placed into storage for future redecorating or use.