DIY Shed Blueprints

First of all look in your building department or local zoning if a permit is required to build a shed. Then decide upon a place in your backyard or garden where the shed is going to be. Make sure that the shed doesn’t block an important view or a window from your house and also that it’s not positioned over important lines like phone or water lines.

Next you have to come up with a design for your shed. You can design it yourself or you can buy shed building plans. There are plenty of different plans available in the market as well as online. Second option is recommended if you don’t have much experience of construction. The plan will come with full instructions and diagrams that will help you throughout the construction.

Now for foundation of the shed you have two options. One is concrete foundation and the other is skid foundation. Skid foundation is cheaper and simpler as compared to concrete one. It will require some lumber and gravel which stabilizes the shed. Concrete foundation is more permanent and lasting. It’s also more durable and sturdy.

If you are building a wooden shed then you can utilize two pieces of plywood with a lattice between them to make the wall. Doing this will provide better insulation and the walls will be more sturdy. You can start with making frames of joists and skids which will lead to the entire construction.

You can build the roof in gable or barn style because it’s functional as well as beautiful and not too complex when it comes to construction. First you need to make roof trusses which you have to position at 5 to 15 inches in order to support the roof. Over the top you can place PVS sheets, iron sheets on bituminous compounds.

Building the door is the last step and the most important one. Calculate the size of the door accurately otherwise it will give you trouble while opening and closing. Door must be sturdy because it’s moved and utilized more often. Shed door can be made of boards that are armored by diagonal and horizontal beams for more robustness.

Now once the door is installed you can build in drawers, cupboards or anything that you think you will require in your shed. It will take a couple of days for shed to complete so be patient. Using shed building plans always make the job easy and you will know where you stand through the entire process.