Construction of New Home

Before any building can begin, the land must be purchased. Blueprints also need to be designed and approved through the city’s planning and zoning departments. You’ll work with an architect in order to design a home that not only accommodates your family, but also exhibits structural integrity.

Once your design is completed, it’s time to begin construction! Creating a firm foundation is the first step. If you plan to have a basement, it will be dug now. If not, the concrete foundation will be laid at ground level. You’ll also see the foundation slab for your garage poured at this point.

The concrete takes anywhere from eight to twenty days to cure depending on the weather and the size of your home. The next important phase is to get the house “Dried In.” This is done by raising the trusses, shingling the roof, and installing siding.

Once the foundation is protected by the siding and roof, indoor work can begin. Respective subcontractors install all the heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical. Each system is inspected by the city in order to ensure they meet zoning and safety requirements. After these inspections are successfully passed, insulation and drywall will be installed.

Now you’ll see the fun part of your design come together! If you haven’t already chosen paint colors, now is the time to do so. Your rooms will be painted and trim will be installed. Flooring will also be installed at this point, as well as your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. On top of the cabinets, your countertops will be fixed in place. Those counters are completed with sinks, faucets, and any other plumbing elements. At this point, bathtubs and toilets will be set in. Any electrical outlets will be finished and appliances will be installed. All these and any other finishing touches on your blueprint will be completed.

Once inspections are complete, you’re free to move in and make your new home your own. Your furniture can fill the rooms, your paintings will decorate the walls, and your family will begin to make this new house their very own home!