Constructing a Gazebo

  • Materials and Tools Needed
  1. Screws
  2. Paint for Landscape marking
  3. Quick-setting concrete
  4. Gazebo kit (optional in most cases)
  5. 2x4x8′ pressurized posts
  6. 2x6x12′ cedar planks
  7. 3’x4’x6″ snapped steps
  8. Decking screws
  9. A shovel (you might need more than one if you are working with another person)
  10. Post-hole digger
  11. A rake
  12. A wheelbarrow
  13. A hammer
  14. Pair(s) of gloves
  15. Safety goggles
  16. Measuring tape
  17. Reciprocal saw
  • Preparing the Deck Area: Use your landscape paint to make marks for where the posts and the deck area will go, and remove all the plants that will be in the way. Next, use your post-hole digger to make 30″ holes in the ground for your posts. Once your pressure-treated posts are secured in the holes you made, fill those holes with the concrete mix and water.
  • Installing the Flooring for the Deck: Start by connecting your posts with a decking saw to your cedar planks. Ensure that your frame is completely leveled so that you won’t run into trouble later on. If everything is not leveled, it is better to fix it before going on with your project to avoid issues. For safety reasons, always wear your gloves and safety goggles when cutting boards.

The best-looking wood to use for projects such as these would be cedar. Not only is it a weather-resistant type of wood, but it is also attractive and easy to work with for woodworking projects.

Use just enough joists to support your deck’s framing in the middle, then add your center posts as well as your cross supports. Next, secure the planks with deck screws to your frame.

  • Building the Rest of Your Gazebo: After you have finished your deck flooring you can now assemble the remainder of your gazebo. Considering the fact that this step-by-step guide is based on the reader buying a gazebo kit, the instructions by the manufacturer should already be included. You are now ready to assemble the rest of your work, and then attach it all to your flooring.
    Start by fitting the tongue and the groove boards to begin building the walls, and then secure them with your screws. Assemble your roof and then go onto the shingles based off of the instructions included. Next, secure your gazebo into the flooring using your screws.
  • Double Check Your Work: Take a look at your gazebo and make sure that everything is leveled, it should not look lopsided or on a slant. If something about your structure looks jagged sand it down with a piece of sandpaper.
  • The Perfect Paints for Gazebos: With your finished product you have a choice to paint it or not. It is better to pick a light shade of paint such as a light blue, or the traditional white. A top coat is also recommended as the paint will last longer and be protected from natural elements.