Construct Garden Gazebo

The Foundation

Decide the size and location for the gazebo in your garden. Create a hexagon shape by marking squares on your lawn. Set up batten boards by using the square pattern measured with equal lengths and connect twine at every corner of the square.

Use twine to create the triangle at the corners. Both outer lines must be of equal distance. Verify the length of each side of the triangle by using a tape for accuracy. Make sure you have four equal triangles inside the square after marking each side. Place eight footings on the outside and place the ninth footing at the center of the octagon.

You will need cardboard tubes of 12 inch diameter for making the outer footings. Dig a hole at each corner of the octagon and add 4 inches of gravel at each edge. Make 2 inch deep holes for filling with concrete appropriately. Use soil to level the hole above the gravel and pour the concrete.

Use a tube of 16 inch diameter for the middle footing. Attach a bolt to the center of all of nine footings to construct the base of the garden gazebo.

Posts and Joists

Place a post at each of the footings to anchor the structure. Use a board to line up the top of center footing with all outside footings. Determine the center and secure it with an anchor using a washer and a nut. Attach the posts to anchors at all the eight outer footings.

Attach the outside posts to the perimeter floor beams and floor joints. Measure all posts from the ground up and mark twenty and a half inches. Create an angle by chiseling away at the wood on the outside of every post. Install hanger brackets on the outside of each post. Later attach the 2 x 4s that will run from the posts through to the center footing. Use brackets to attach the post to outer perimeter beams.

Floor and Roof

Nail all floor joists together to the center of gazebo. Add the angled floor joists to connect the perimeter beams to the middle of the main joist. You need to hold the angled joists in place with brackets. Get each angled bracket in place and install the decking. Create a small wooden octagon to place in the center. Nail the angled pieces of wood to the top of every floor joist.

Find the center of the top posts and build the roof by attaching each post with a 2 x 4. Use the 2 x 4 to run from the top of every post to the middle and connect them at the octagonal hub. Take help of a friend to stand on a ladder with you to support the two beams and nail them down onto the opposite post. Connect the two beams in the middle and nail them to the king-post. Repeat the process until a beam connects the king-post to each post. Add the rafters next by nailing wood pieces around the king-post.