Building a Loafing Shed

  • Tools and Material Needed
  1. 4 – 12x4x4 posts
  2. 2×4 lumber pieces
  3. Siding
  4. Roofing nails
  5. Regular nails
  6. A hammer
  7. Concrete mix
  8. Bags of sand
  • Making the Foundation: Start by measuring the spots for where the corner posts will go, the regular size is 12×12 feet. Dig holes for the posts for the 4×4 pieces to 36″ deep. Put the posts in the holes with concrete and allow them to sit for 72 hours until the concrete dries.
  • Building the Walls: Build the walls with the 2×4 pieces on three sides, starting around 4″ from ground level and up to the tops of the posts. Make sure that you leave a small gap near or at the top of the shed for ventilation purposes. Build a frame that is basic for the roof by nailing 2×4’s from each corner post to each other from all four of the sides. This will give you the space you need to nail down the roof later on.
  • Constructing the Roof: The rear and front pieces of the siding have to be nailed to the roof framework. This can be done using regular nails. Make sure that everything is leveled and secured properly. Lay down the siding pieces using an overlapping method to ensure that water will runoff without any problem. Use the roofing nails to attach siding pieces together to make the loafing shed’s roof more stable. The siding material can be tin, corrugated metal, or plastic.
  • Making the Floor: Spread out your bags of sand 6″ deep, or more, over the floor inside the shed. One of the things you should be looking out for while doing this task is sharp edges or exposed nails. Since this is being built for equine purposes you want to make sure nothing is sticking out, so your horses are safe and secure inside.
  • Additions to the Shed: Since these types of sheds usually house horses and other animals, you can also add hay hatches, double doors, windows, Dutch doors, full enclosures, gates, etc.
  • Adding a Hay-Rack: This is the space that can be used for hay or other animal feeds. It is kept off the ground to avoid moisture. Installing one in your shed, if you made it for equine or other animals, would be the best option. Make your base by taking plywood and laying out down, then drilling three holes that are 1-1/2 feet apart. Take 3 2×4’s and screw them into the holes to form one side of the rack.

To make the other side, drill 3 more holes of the same size and the same distance apart, but on the opposite side. Screw 3 more 2×4’s into the holes, the same way as the other side, to make the other side. This will be the “backbone” of the rack and also your base. Screw another 2×4 piece into the top of the others and drill into the other two pieces that make the wider space.