Septic Tank Smell

Let’s examine the two issues. Normal logic tells you that if you have a septic problem, you call a septic professional. Let’s face it, you may not be the foremost researched septic tank repairman, and while the advice is welcome, you were not born yesterday. Septic contractors are no different than any other pushy sales person on the planet. You already know your system is backed up, what can a contractor really offer you?

Well they can pump out the septic tank. It will lower the amount of waste for you, and will temporarily make the problem appear to be solve. Issue being that you haven’t restored the function of the septic tank, you just emptied it, masking the problem. Pumping can cost roughly 400-500 dollars, and is almost always recommended by your local “septic professional.” A properly functioning septic system does not need to be pumped out, it simply works and you never need to think about it. If you have a clogged sink, what good does spooning the water out of the sink do? Sure it makes the immediate concern go away, but as soon as someone turns on the faucet you are right back to the clogged sink. Pumping your septic system does nothing other than delay your action and waste your money.

Furthermore, there is nothing more common that a septic contractor telling a homeowner that they septic tank, or drain field or both need to be replaced. 90% of the time, homeowners go along with it due to the fact that they don’t have the experience to know any better. But when you realize that these repairs are going to cost you 6,8 even 10 thousand dollars, you begin to realize the severity of consumer education.

The reality is that septic treatments or septic tank additives as they are sometimes called should always be your first step, even before pumping. Your septic tank did not fail overnight, it grew worse and worse over time and all that is needed is a bacteria and enzyme complex to digest and liquefy the solid waste clogging your system.

The cost of the best septic additives is far less than even pumping AND it fixes the problem causing the back-up. I know it seems a bit too good to be true, and you should not just buy any old septic additive, but if you know you are buying the best, choosing a septic contractor could be the biggest and most expensive mistake of your life.