Get Lower Energy Costs

Always inspect your appliances. If you are unable to do so by yourself, hire a qualified technician. He will thoroughly inspect the appliances and advise accordingly. For instance, the heating and air conditioning system should be regularly inspected. This is because if they are faulty, they draw a lot of power and consequently lead to higher bills.

Upgrade your appliances. Purchase new appliances which are star labeled as they save up power. Old appliances are inefficient and consume a lot of power. A significant reduction of the bills to the tune of thirty percent will be realized by only changing the old appliances and acquiring new ones.

Do not heat water to higher temperatures. Doing so will result to high power consumption. Try to use cold or warm water. Water heaters consume a lot of power. Insulate hot water heaters or warm water pipes to prevent heat loss. This will ensure that you will only use energy once to heat water and thus no heating again. In addition, limit the use of heating appliances during the times when temperatures are hottest.

Unplug all electrical appliances and gadgets which are not in use. Idle gadgets such as microwave and mobile phone chargers draw power as long as they are connected to the power source. Electrical use statistics have shown that the said unplug gadgets amount to five to ten percent of every home electricity use. Simply plug the gadgets in a power strip which can be turned off when the gadgets are not in use.

Use power during off peak hours. During these hours, the cost of a unit kilowatt of energy is relatively less. The hours are usually from mid morning to early evening and late in the night. This is the time many people have left for job. However, the off peak hours can vary depending on the terms and conditions of the utility company. The inverse is true. During peak hours, consumers pay more as compared to those who use power during off peak hours. Just program your power use and you will get low bills.

Program the air conditioning appliances. The thermostat should be switched off during the day. Only switch it on when needed. Also, shop for the right thermostat which is star labeled. It will save power when in use. Further still; switch the lights off when not in use.

A wise alternative for those who cannot control their monthly bills is to ask the utility company to fix their bills. The company will charge the same amount each month irrespective of the electricity used. What the user pays is fixed premium per month. In the case that consumers were paying more, the plan helps them accrue lower energy costs.