Facts Shower Panels

Shower panels can reduce the amount of condensation that is caused from the steam escaping from the unit. The condensation can form on surface areas like the mirror and on tile floors causing them to become slick and hazardous. Reducing the formation of condensation in the bathroom can reduce the number of serious injuries that are caused by slips and falls in this room.

Shower panels can be made from different thicknesses of glass. You can get these items in 3/8″ thick panes or in ½” panes. The glass these items are manufactured from is safety glass and is extremely hard to break.

Shower panels that are made from glass can be made from different styles of this substance. You can purchase panes that are completely crystal clear if you buy the low iron style. You can buy a clear pane that will be translucent and some of the clear panes will have somewhat of a green hue to them. There are acid etched panes that have pictures created by the acid etching. Some of these glass panes are done in patterns and some are done all over to create a somewhat smoky appearance.

You can buy shower panels that fold like the bi-fold doors do. You can buy then that are hung on hinges like regular wooden and steel doors are. You can buy some of them that are made to pivot from a bolt that is placed in the ceiling and floor of the structure. You can buy some of these items that are frameless and some that are semi-frameless. You can get these items that are designed to slide in a track like sliding closet doors do. There are many different choices that will change the look and feel of your room.

The sizes that these items are made in make them capable of being applied in almost all bathrooms. You can even have them custom designed to create sizes that are larger than normal or smaller than normal. These items come in many different price ranges so most people can find one that fits into their budget.

The shower panels are good choices when you are doing new construction. They are easy to install and they can be purchased in so many different sizes. They are also good for people who are doing remodeling of their bathroom. These items are easily incorporated into existing designs. They can be placed on existing shower enclosures and they can be placed on bathtubs.