Decorative Post Caps


You can’t really go wrong with the classic choice, and wood will always be the “classic” when it comes to decks and patios. When many homeowners think of “decorative post caps”, they don’t think about getting ostentatious and drawing attention to the details. They want something that simply fits, and this is certainly a direction you can choose. Good manufacturers will treat their wood with a special protectant that will keep the wind and rain from getting into the grain. If the wood for the covers doesn’t match your existing construction, you can stain it to get a perfect match. You can also paint it to get the color you desire.


Whether you’re topping off wood or another material, metal decorative post caps will stand out in a good way. If you choose a polished metal, you’ll get that hint of sparkle that most decks won’t be able to match. If you choose colored metal, you can have a tasteful, playful decoration to fulfill a different kind of aesthetic. Who said a deck has to be a serious affair? Another benefit to going with metal: you’re not going to need to worry about the cover coming loose in the ensuing years. Many a homeowner has had to struggle with loose covers, which often require glue and screws to fix. You won’t have this problem with self-locking metal.


If you really want to get wild, you can take advantage of glass decorative post caps. Don’t worry: these materials are made with tempered glass and will be a strong as any windshield. You’re not going to smash them with an errant elbow, in other words (although an errant baseball might be another matter). These give you an ornate option, which lets you take your deck project to another level. Want to be the envy of the neighborhood? Glass might be an option to consider.