Building Hexagonal Gazebo

Build the Rim and Framework

Locate all the pieces that will make up the outside rim of the structure and put them together with the pieces that will make the perimeter of the floor. Hold them in place and carefully secure them by screwing them together using woodscrews. As soon as the framework is successfully constructed, begin arranging the floor joists.

If you aren’t sure how the joists should look then simply liken it to the spokes of a bicycle wheel as this is how they appear when they are arranged correctly in the rim pieces. The block piece would be used as the support in the middle. There should be a six-sided star shape by the time it is finished.

Installing Floor Pieces and Wall Panels

Next install the pre-made floor panels one at a time. Lay the floor boards on each section of the rim and joist area. Secure each section after it has been fitted to the panels neatly using screws or nails.

The next step of building a hexagonal gazebo is installing the walls. Identify the pre-made wall panels and hold them in place one at a time. Fasten them into place so that they are secured. Repeat this process until all the walls have been mounted.

Ensure that all the wall panels are attached firmly to not only the floor joists but also to the other wall sections. You may need to seek assistance to get this done correctly. Mark out the section that will be used for the door.

Adding Wooden Gussets and Attaching Rafters

Once you get the wall panels in place, the next step will be to secure them using wooden gussets. Place a wooden gusset on each wall so that they overlap and then screw them together. Install the wooden rafters to act as a form of foundation for the roof. Simply attach each piece to the center block and secure them firmly.

Installing Roof Panels and Shingles

The final step of building a hexagonal gazebo is to build the roof. Mount each piece into place above the section with the rafters and secure them using either screws or nails. After installing the roof panels you should then proceed to cover the roof with shingles. Overlap them so that no moisture can enter your gazebo and then nail each piece onto the other to maintain its proper pattern.