Benefits of Foam Insulation

The special foam that is used to make the insulation is made from lysine, and during installation, it is sprayed in the same area fiberglass insulation would be rolled into. The foam, however, is able to fill in cracks, gaps, and hard-to-insulate areas that other types of insulation would be unable to fit into. This helps to create a more airtight barrier in the home or building. This air tight barrier prevents against air leaks, meaning the warm or cool air from the AC/heater does not go through the insulated layer. Since the air is not lost, this means the air conditioner or heater does not have to work nearly as hard, which helps to keep energy costs down, an added benefit that everyone enjoys. Also, this helps to keep the air from outside from sneaking into the building, reducing the number of drafts that would normally sweep through a home or building that had been insulated with fiberglass, keeping everyone inside happy and comfortable.

Another added benefit of the air tight seal caused by foam insulation is its ability to keep allergens out of a home. Many people are plagued by the sneezes, sniffles, and watery eyes allergy season has to offer, and if air from outside is able to come in, this also means that pollen and other airborne allergens can find their way into the building. However, the air tight barrier the foam creates is able to block these pesky irritants and keep them outside where they belong. This is also greatly beneficial for those with asthma, as other pollutants cannot make their way inside, providing a comfortable and clean breathing area for those who struggle with this ailment.

Not only does the foam help to reduce air and allergens from coming through the walls of a building, but also noises. Due to the low density of the spray foam, noises cannot leak through as easily. It reduces noises from both outside and inside of the building. Now, cars driving by keeping everyone in the house awake are a thing of the past. Or, better yet, no more heavy metal music blaring from teenage sons’ bedrooms causing instant insanity and sleep deprivation of the parents who hear it bleed through their walls at 3 AM.

When trying to build a home or other type of building, no one should stress about what type of insulation to use. Foam insulation is the newest technology in home insulation, and it is widely used today because of the many benefits it provides. Creating a comfortable environment while lowering energy costs is something everyone should look forward to in their insulation.