Benefits Of Adhesives

This is all in a bid to enable people to work their way through the well known disadvantages that are associated with traditional bonding techniques. These traditional techniques of creating a bond include welding, bolting, riveting and even using screws.

With mechanical techniques such as use of rivets and screws, there is major force transfer at numerous points. Moreover, techniques such as drilling into the work pieces damages the materials being joined.

Thermal techniques such as welding go ahead to even alter the specific properties of the material within the heat affected zone. Furthermore, the demand of adhesive products such as super glue has greatly risen due to the numerous advantages that adhesives offer to its consumers over other bonding methods.

  • Adhesives are not aggressive to the materials being joined hence cannot damage the structure of the substrate. This allows the material properties of the substrates to be retained. Compared to other joining methods such as welding, there is need for relatively low heat hence there is also minimal damage to the materials being joined.
  • When using adhesives, there is no need to use numerous components such as screws, rivets, nuts, washers for the bonding process. This in turn reduces the cost of manufacturing of adhesives hence making them more affordable to the ultimate consumer. It also acts as a faster way of mechanical fastening compared to other joining methods as it accelerates the production process.
  • This bonding process has also reduced chances of corrosion associated with joining metals that are not similar due to different galvanic potential. Adhesives can be used to virtually bond any desired combination of materials with each other, creating long lasting bonds.
  • Adhesives do not deform the materials being used, eliminating the need of metal grinding processes, which in turn reduce manufacturing costs. when you decide to go for rivets and screws, you will incur more costs as they are additional materials.
  • There are also some adhesive products that are used in the medical field by surgeons to separate and coat tissues and also act as a barrier to biochemical irritants.