Advantages Septic Tank Additives

Septic additives can be separated into two categories: the chemical septic tank additives which usually contain inorganic and organic substances and the biological septic tank additives that include yeast, bacteria plus enzymes. The amount of tank additives available for sale today is approximately 1,200 different types that have enzymes. These are being offered at various discount stores, septic system pumpers and chemical manufacturers. For several years, studies and researches have been conducted on the septic tank additives for the efficiency and reliability of its function. The main reason on the problems with the consistency of the septic additives is due to the insufficient standard approach to testing on these chemicals.

The problems are further complex because of the separate studies conducted by the septic tank additives suppliers and the impartial scientists of which they try to discover what chemicals are useful and what are dangerous. It’s still being discussed as to whether the increase in the breaking down of the scum layer or boosting the anaerobic breaking down process may help in the tank systems. As the issues continue to be mentioned the two important advantages of the tank chemicals are the enzymes which could have the capability to reduce the amount of oil and grease inside the tank. It can be seen that there’s a lowering of the number of solids any time septic additives are used.

The lowering of solids is accomplished as a result of likelihood of bacteria in the septic which can be ultimately ruined due to the presence of the dangerous ingredients. The toxic substances that destroy the bacteria are normally found on household cleaning products such as liquid bleach, Lysol cleaner, Drano drain cleaner as well as other anti-bacterial agents or occasionally the medicines consumed by the homeowners. However, several natural septic additives can increase the inherent activity to the degree that a few excessive solids are taken out in the soil absorption system. With this incidence, it could result to clog up the soil absorption system.

Some chemical septic tank additives that are found in the septic tank systems are hydrogen peroxide, sulphuric acid, formaldehyde, baking soda as well as alum. Even though some septic tank additives which used to control odour are biodegradable when diluted they are still biocidal when utilized in full dosage. The organic chemicals employed in tank additives include natural solvents which are designed to make the item environmentally safe.