About Hot Tub Choices

One of the cheaper and, unfortunately, less durable types of hot tubs on the market today are inflatable tubs. These are smaller tubs, made for seating anywhere from two to four people. They are highly portable and lightweight. Plus, they are small and compact, making them a good choice for those with smaller homes or for apartment dwellers. These hot tubs can be used indoors or outdoors. While they can provide fun for a while, most people who buy inflatable tubs usually end up upgrading. To save yourself the hassle, buy a better, longer lasting model up front. If you really can’t afford it, though, and still want to have the joy of owning a tub, then the inflatable ones are a viable, temporary option.

If you want to go traditional with your tub, then you want an acrylic model. These are the most commonly purchased hot tubs on the market, and for good reason. They offer a lot of variety in terms of size; acrylic models can be purchased small enough to seat a couple or large enough to seat a party of ten! Acrylic models, since they’re built to last and will likely be a permanent fixture inside or outside of your home, can be purchased in many different designs and styles to complement your decor. Generally, they require professional installation and very regular maintenance to function at their very best. While they can be a little on the expensive side, acrylic hot tubs are your best bet for durability and maximum enjoyment.

For a slightly lower cost, you can still get an awesome tub. All you have to do is choose one of the wooden models. These are great if you want a cozy feel; they’ll remind you of being in a cabin! You can purchase a wooden tub crafted from oak, teak, or many other types of high quality, durable wood. With most wooden models, the water is heated by fire, not via electricity, which makes them ideal for remote placement. Like acrylic tubs, they do require regular maintenance and care to continue functioning but, when proper care is given, they can last for decades.