Maintanance for Wood Framed House

Besides termites, the number one enemy of the wood on your home is moisture. Given an entrance point, moisture that gets behind the paint on your house can wick its way into the woods fiber through capillary action and remain trapped there, invisible to the eye where mold and rot will occur. Wood reacts to temperature changes by expanding and contracting, so if you have areas exposed to frequent wetting from rain, irrigation systems, dripping plants etc, that are not adequately protected, you can have a recipe for rot. Areas most prone to this infiltration are places where horizontal and vertical pieces come together. Homes with wood siding typically have vertical corner boards and horizontal siding. Wood expands far more across the grain than with it, so the vertical corner board will shrink, opening a crack that moisture can penetrate. Care should taken to inspect any likely spot that regularly

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Construct Garden Gazebo

The Foundation

Decide the size and location for the gazebo in your garden. Create a hexagon shape by marking squares on your lawn. Set up batten boards by using the square pattern measured with equal lengths and connect twine at every corner of the square.

Use twine to create the triangle at the corners. Both outer lines must be of equal distance. Verify the length of each side of the triangle by using a tape for accuracy. Make sure you have four equal triangles inside the square after marking each side. Place eight footings on the outside and place the ninth footing at the center of the octagon.

You will need cardboard tubes of 12 inch diameter for making the outer footings. Dig a hole at each corner of the octagon and add 4 inches of gravel at each edge. Make 2 inch deep holes for filling with concrete appropriately. … Read the rest

Building a Barn Shed

The first step is to get the frame ready. This is quite similar to the way you would build your home. Get the floor frame ready on a level area on your property. For this shed, cinder blocks, cements slabs and even gravel bed can be employed depending on suitability and availability.

Now the walls can be erected around this floor frame as per dimensions that you decide. Assemble the 2 x 4 s and build up the walls right up to the ceiling. However, for such a shed the space to be left over for the doors on the front side will be much larger. Procure standard plywood sheets for completing the walls. The sidings can be secured with one and half-inch screws. This part gets your basic shed frame ready.

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Using Ergonomic Office Furniture

Perfect for Any User

Height adjustable office equipment and desks are ideal for open plan workspaces where they’ll see use from a lot of different people. You can easily change the height to suit you perfectly and you’ll never spend a day trying fruitlessly to get comfortable.

Avoid Future Pain

Using a height adjustable desk and other ergonomic furniture will save your body in the long run. You might not feel it now, but even as you are sitting at your desk reading this you are causing your body future pain. As you slouch in your chair with your shoulders hunched and neck arched forward, your body’s muscle memory is adjusting to make your bad posture its new norm. The pain will build gradually in the form of joint issues, back problems, strains and headaches. Better posture is the only solution.

Better Work Output

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Basement Waterproofing In Easy Steps


The first thing you will need to do is to remove the water. This is where the tools that professionals use can get handy. Experts have a sump pump that can make the process easier; however, if there isn’t much water, a washcloth would do. This is technically not a part of the basement waterproofing process, but it is a necessary step.

Complete Basement Foundation Repair

Wet basements are typically the result of a compromised foundation. Water seeps through cracks in the foundation and while these cracks are not exactly immediately dangerous to your home, they can cause major problems if they are left alone for a long time — say, a decade. This is why complete foundation repair is a major step. This is achieved by the process of basement sealing.

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Maintain Pressure Washer Pump

Cleaning the pump

Small impurities from the water might enter the pump and cause damage to the pumping mechanism. There are screens intended to block impurities from entering the pump, but even then, tiny contaminants find their way inside. In order to clean, first turn on the inlet water supply and remove the spray wand from the spray gun. After starting the engine, squeeze and hold the trigger until there is a steady stream of water. Maintain this stream for a few minutes so that all the dirt escapes, then connect the safety latch and attach the spray wand to the gun.

Removing the oil

Most pumps require regular oil changes. To do this, first drain off the oil from the engine. Using an Allen wrench, remove the oil cap of the pump and tilt to drain completely.

Replacing the oil

It is very important that you use the oil

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DIY Retaining Wall Construction

First, you should plan where and how your will build. Mark the area in your backyard with some stakes and string. You should have already decided what kind of materials you will use. Most retaining wall construction projects call for the use of concrete blocks or stone. You should also decide the style of structure you want. Before you start digging, you should check with utility companies and obtain the proper permits necessary to ensure that your project is safe to begin.

Once you have marked the area, you can start to excavate the site with a shovel. Next, you should level out soil in the trench. Rake the area with a paver to ensure that the soil has been evenly applied. Once you have an even surface to work with, you can lay down the foundation of the structure. Make sure the foundation blocks are level, so they can

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Klargester Ezy Drain

The Klargester ezy drain features a diameter of 110mm through which you can make use of the standard 110 click-fit connector supplied by pipe producers. The size of the pipes are also made smaller at 2 meters length which make it easier to transport and could be used in smaller sized spaces like a back garden herring. It is really a lightweight system and could be quickly installed by one person. The time of installment is four times swifter compared to the gravel based conventional trench and may no longer require the skills of an aggregate specialists. It will only require a labour operation in the backfill of ditches.

The synthetic aggregates found in the Klargester ezy drain is created from reused expanded polystyrene. It’s engineered to supply optimum performance but still keep hold of its shape. The attribute of the manufactured aggregate is that the storage and flow properties

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Build A Stairway

To build the staircase you will need:

  • Long tape measure and pencil.
  • Two inches by twelve inches planks. (Quantity required depends on the size of it).
  • Saw.
  • Sand paper.
  • Nuts and bolts.
  • Four inch screws.
  • A ready-made banister. (The choice is yours).

Method of building the Staircase:

  1. Identify the best position for the steps to go into. This may be on your landing or in a bedroom. The space should ideally be forty-two inches wide, because when you can access your attic, you might want to actually carry things up into it, and the steps being too narrow is one of the main reasons for the under use of attic space.
  2. Measure from the floor to just past the ceiling. This measurement should be taken as a gradient, because it will be used to determine the rise and therefore just how steep the staircase will be.
  3. Use the pencil and
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Reclaimed Wood

The wood’s unique appearance, its contribution to green building, the history of the woods origins and its physical characteristics, such as appearance, strength, stability and durability. Reclaimed seasoned wood has also already been exposed to changes in humidity and is therefore more stable, allowing it to be used with central heating systems, for example without having to wait for it to acclimatise.

But not all reclaimed wood is old! Huge amounts of wood are used then just thrown away – despite the fact that it is still perfectly re-useable. This ‘new’ wood is mainly reclaimed from the construction industry and would otherwise have gone to landfill, thus contributing to green house gas production.

Britain’s waste wood amounts to approximately 2% of the total waste and the United Kingdom currently consumes about 3% of the world’s wood production – quite a bit considering our island’s tiny size! You may not believe … Read the rest