Overseed a Lawn

Overseeding is basically adding more grass seed so you can thicken up areas of your lawn that have some bare spots. Whether you are starting out with a lawn that has quite a few trouble spots or are working with a lawn that has been growing well for quite some time, you will still have areas of thatch that need to be dealt with properly. Learning the proper steps to take can make a big difference in the final appearance.

If you already have a well-groomed lawn, you may want to start off by removing the thatch areas and aerating the lawn to assist you in your project. This will help you to create a better environment for your lawn to thrive in. The aeration will also help in giving the new grass seed more room to grown in.

Once you have performed these acts, you can then go about adding the new grass seed. You may want to also fertilize your lawn at this time and add some food product to help it thrive. This will help the lawn along the way by providing it with more of the necessary conditions and nutrients it needs to really grow well.

Perhaps you are working with a lawn that has undergone quite a bit of neglect. These conditions may require you to put some extra work in to bring the lawn around a bit before you seed. You should remove as much debris as you can through raking and using your hands, if necessary. You then want to start off with a high quality grass seed so you can get your lawn going. Make sure you fertilize before you lay seed so you can make sure the ground has all the nutrients it needs for the seed to take.

Some new lawns can use this process as well. There are always thing spots in every lawn, and overseeing can help with these. Highlight the thin and bare spots that seem to need the most attention and work on those exclusively.

Once you have learned how to overseed a lawn, you will find that you need to make sure your property management of the area stays on top of things to make sure everything remains in good shape. Hiring a property manager like Jim Bolduc Stratham NH can help you keep everything organized and well-maintained throughout the year.