Custom Made Curtains

How to choose the perfect curtain

The appropriately designed carpet enhances the appearance of a room, whereas an inappropriate curtain spoils the interior styling. Therefore, while shopping for curtains, every care should be taken to select the best quality fabric and ensuring the best fit.

Flexible furnishing

Moreover, custom made curtains will give you the opportunity to experiment with different designs and styles. Most homeowners prefer flexibility in the interior designing of a room that can be altered easily to suit different circumstances. For a creative person, it can be quite frustrating to stick to standard styles. If you want something unique, designed specifically for the windows of your house, try the made to measure curtains. Following your design and using the fabrics chosen by you, skilled tailors will sew curtains that are perfect for the windows of your house.

Select the right fabric

Curtains are selected according to the function of a room. To increase the airiness of a room and to allow unhindered entry of sunlight, you need a lightweight fabric to dress the window. Lightweight fabrics are more suitable during the summer. They are often used in rooms that lack sufficient natural light. The lightweight cotton, nylon or lace curtains easily blend with both antique and modern furnishings of a room. To enhance the functionality of lightweight curtains and to increase their durability, curtains with lining are the preferred choice of most buyers. However, you can avoid the medium or heavyweight fabric lining by buying a heavyweight curtain fabric. These fabrics are highly versatile and functional. They offer additional insulation throughout the year. Heavyweight materials commonly used for sewing curtains include denim, velvet and tweed.

Colors and Patterns

The colors and patterns of the Bespoke curtains should be compatible with the remaining upholstery and furnishing of the room. Bright colored curtains with vibrant prints or patterns add warmth and color to a large and cool room. To make a room appear spacious and cool, light colored curtains with floral patterns are the preferred choice of most interior designers.


Finally, take into account the appropriate heading style, length and track pole width of the curtain while ordering a custom made curtain.