Choose Non Toxic Plastic Materials

Choosing the Different Products

  • Food Containers: Plastic containers are generally used to store all types of food materials which include both raw and cooked food. These containers are used to pack lunches and even store raw fish and meat in the refrigerators. It is important to choose food storage containers which are free from harmful and toxic chemicals or BPA. There are non-toxic recyclable containers which are free from harmful chemicals. It is usually made from low density polyethylene (LDPE).
  • Ice Cube Trays: Before buying ice cube trays, it is essential to check the chemical content of the material used to manufacture these trays. The recycling number of these products is usually located at the bottom of the item. So it is essential to identify these numbers before buying any product.
  • Toys: Majority of the toys are made from plastic materials, therefore it is essential to identify its grade and ensure that it is safe for use. Most of the toys are labeled to indicate its chemical content and product safety.
  • Bottles: Bottles without a non-toxic classification can be quite harmful as it can release toxic substances when hot or cold beverages are poured into the bottle. However, this can be avoided by buying non-toxic bottles. There are non-toxic water jugs, bottles and thermo-flask which can be bought from online stores too at affordable price rates. It is essential to use products which include the recycling number 2 and 4 to avoid the consumption of contaminated liquid or food items. There are various websites which offer ample information on the type of toxic and non-toxic materials made available for use.

Plastic Recycling

Recycling plastic products can be quite a difficult task. Different types of materials can seldom be recycled together. It can only be recycled on the basis of its crushing and melting capacity. Materials with the same grade or code can be recycled easily. Various types of containers such as soap boxes, water bottles, milk bottles and juice cans can be recycled together. However, some of the other products such as bags and sacks should be recycled separately. As a large number of plastic materials such as bags, sacks, bottles, plates and glasses are used and discarded on a daily basis, it is important to recycle these products so as to reduce soil and water pollution. Recycling is one of the best methods to reduce pollution and save the environment.